Please use the guide below to give an accurate size for your order, when measuring please wear any item of clothing that you would wear on the day, no shoes are to be worn when measuring Hollow to floor (D)
Measurement Standards
It is highly recommend that you get someone to measure for you because of the inaccuracy of self-measuring. Measure with undergarments on is similar to those you will wear with your dress; please keep in mind do not measure over other clothing. According to the different dress style,approx.8cm-13cm (3.15inch-5.12inch) additional length will be reserved for making a good fit dress for you.

Color Chart
Converted Size Chart

US     AU/NZ/UK EU    Insole
7            6.5            40            25 cm
8            7.5            41            26 cm
9            8.5            42.5        27 cm
10          9.5            44           28 cm
11          10.5           45           29 cm
12          11.5           46           30cm
13          12.5           47           31cm

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